Almond Biscotti

Traditional, twice-baked Italian biscuits

Biscotti comes from a Latin word biscoctus that means "twice-baked." Since they're baked two times, these dry, crispy cookies are perfect for dipping into your coffee, tea, or dessert wine. And they stay fresh for a really long time, especially if you keep them in the re-sealable zip-lock baggies that we package them in. 

Keep a pack or two in your cupboard for when guests come over, and then treat them to a tasty, European-style tea, after-dinner coffee, or digestif. If you serve them, these biscotti are sure make you a star host. But you have to refrain from eating them yourself...

Made with high-protein unbleached wheat flour, eggs, sugar, almonds, fennel seed, baking soda, salt. Dairy-free.

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Almond Biscotti
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