Babka is a sweet, dense bread — almost a cake — that hails from the Eastern European Jewish tradition. It's gained a lot of popularity in recent years, thanks in part to a famous Seinfeld episode.

We offer traditional chocolate and cinnamon babka, as well as a unique sesame tahini babka. Our chocolate babka is swirled with thick layers of rich gourmet dark chocolate, and it's fabulous when served with coffee or tea, or just as a sweet snack. The cinnamon babka is sweet and spicy, much like a cinnamon roll or morning bun, but with a dense, rich texture. The tahini babka is swirled with sweetened sesame paste for a unique taste.

All our babkas come in a 10oz loaf for easy sharing, or a 3oz individual knot. 

Made with unbleached wheat flour, sugar, butter, [chocolate or cinnamon or ground sesame seeds], whole milk, water, eggs, cocoa powder, canola oil, yeast, gluten, cinnamon, salt, honey, enzyme. 

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