As you may know, Challah is the traditional braided bread eaten on the sabbath and other Jewish holidays. Our Challah is braided by hand and has a sweet, eggy crumb similar to a French brioche

Our Challah comes in traditional varieties (plain, poppy seed, sesame seed) as well as in less-traditional versions (chocolate chip, raisin, and "Challapeño" jalapeño-cheese). 

It's easy to pull apart and fun to eat, and kids love it. When you cut it into thick slices it makes spectacular French toast, but it's easy to eat the whole loaf before you even get home. 

Each 16 ounce braid is made with high-protein unbleached wheat flour, water, eggs, sugar, canola oil, yeast, salt, and sometimes raisins, chocolate chips, or sliced jalapeños and Mexican (cheddar and jack) cheese. 

Finished weights are approximate. All of our products are hand-cut and hand-formed, so we ask that you excuse any irregularities or inconsistencies in your unique loaf. 

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Available for local farmers market pick-up or shipping via USPS Priority Mail. 

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