Woodland's Dinner on Main

Juan Barajas of Woodland's Savory Café dropped off some flour samples for us at Saturday's Davis Farmers Market, courtesy of David Kaisel and Capay Mills. We'll be doing some test bakes in the next day or so, to prepare for next Sunday's Woodland Dinner on Main


Last year, David brought us a sac of his Chiddam Blanc de Mars hard white wheat flour and we made a few racks of whole grain épi loaves for the dinner. Épis are not something we usually make, but we wanted to provide something versatile, easy to break apart, and with a nice crust.

David's flour made for a really aromatic dinner bread and it was easy to pair with lots of different flavors and cuisines. Plus, the épis look really nice on the table. The feedback was pretty positive, so we'll probably do something similar this year.


We're honored and proud to be involved with Woodland Dinner on Main again this year. It's a great event; a celebration of Yolo County and the local agriculture that is an integral part of our community and heritage, as well as a benefit for local ag-focused non-profits.