Whole grain épi loaves for the Tower Bridge

If you're a Sacramento-area foodie, you know that the hottest ticket in town is for the Tower Bridge Dinner. Around 800 folks are going to get to sample the fare from six of the city's star chefs in this gala celebration, and this year (for the first time) we'll be providing the bread.


Diners will get to eat our whole grain épi loaves, much like the loaves we prepared for last year's Woodland Dinner on Main (our own Yolo County gala dinner). 


In French, épi means "ear" (as in an ear of corn) or "spike", and the loaves are basically baguettes that are cut to resemble wheat stalks with spiky little ears. It's a yummy, crusty bread that's easy to break apart and share. Plus, it looks really nice on the table.