Identity Preserved

We're lucky enough to live right in the middle of one of the most fertile, productive agricultural regions in the world. This privilege is not lost on us. We're constantly working to ensure that we source whatever ingredients we can locally. We use flours that are milled just up the road in Woodland, using Sacramento Valley-grown wheat, and a wide range of other ingredients that we've procured from the friends we've made at the more than 40 farmers markets we serve.

That's why we call ourselves a "farm-to-oven" bakery.

Today, we're going a step further. We're working with Oakland-based Community Grains to provide Identity Preserved whole grain bread for this year's Tower Bridge Dinner


From Community Grains' own website:

In collaboration with amazing farmers, millers, bakers, and cooks (like you!), we’re pioneering a new way to grow and distribute grain by staying intimately connected to each and every product and telling our customers the whole story — from before the grains are planted, through harvest, storage, and milling.
We call this commitment to full transparency along each point in the supply chain – from seed to table – Identity Preserved.  We believe it’s the key to building a local grain infrastructure that restores and celebrates grain’s vital place in our complex food system.

Community Grains has specified 23 points of identity that include a wealth of information about everything from seed stock and certifications, to soil conditions, biodiversity, milling processes, and beyond. 

What's more is that we'll be baking bread that is 100% Yolo County produced — from farm to oven to dinner table. How cool is that?