The Jewish Food Faire and Solomon's Rye

The Sacramento Jewish Food Faire is coming up this Sunday, and we're really honored to play a part. In fact, the Faire is kind of the coming out party for Solomon's Real Rye, which we've developed along with the fabulous team behind Solomon's Delicatessen.


We've spent a good chunk of this year perfecting the formula for Solomon's Real Rye. It's a traditional "corn rye" loaf with whole caraway, and it's sure to hit all the marks when you bite into your first Solomon's corned beef or pastrami.

As you probably know, Solomon's (named for Tower Records founder Russ Solomon) is the traditional New York-style deli that will be opening early next year on K Street, just outside of the Golden 1 Arena. The project is being led by a who's-who list of Sacramento entrepreneurs and restauranteurs, as well as some of the women behind the annual Jewish Food Faire.


In addition to Solomon's Real Rye, you will be able to pick up some of Solomon's Challah and Solomon's Onion Rolls at the Faire, to preview more of the exclusive line we've developed with them. And yes, the challahs will be the traditionally round variety, for Rosh Hashanah. We're also making Cheesecakes, Honey Cakes, and Hamentashen that will be available at the Faire.